Difference Between Quick Detailer Spray, Waterless Wash and ONR

Car care products come in many categories. Perhaps the most common is the quick detailer spray and waterless car wash. There is, however, confusion on these two, as they are thought to be the same thing and have the same function. This is far from the case. The two products have been equated before, but they have different functions and are different products.

What is Quick Detailer Spray

Quick Detailers came into existence in 1981 manufactured by Meguiars when they released their Trigger Wash, but they renamed the product as Quick Detailer to eliminate confusion. From this time, there has been the rise and popularity of products that follow the spray and wipe procedure to clean vehicles. They have been rapid.

The Effectiveness of this Spray Due to Advanced Technology

Quick detailers were created with advanced technology so that they would give the users a fast, and effective way in which they would be able to restore the gloss without the need to struggle with paste or liquid wax. The product and its family are mostly used in cars that are still in showrooms because these cars do not show any change or contamination in their surfaces.

Excellent Gloss

The paint that they have been applied is still intact in many cases. So, the quick detailers are used in this case so that the gloss is retained as much as possible. The reason for this use is that they are very good at giving an excellent gloss, and appropriately protects the surface of the vehicle.

Lubricity Enhancement

They are also very good at enhancing the lubricity of the surface of the vehicle. Although they have these qualities, they lack the cleaning power so that they are not able to go beyond cleaning fingerprints and dust. They are weak when it comes to tasks that go beyond the need to have gloss. Quick detailers are known to evaporate quickly so that there is no possibility of leaving streaks. They, therefore, are not able to handle mild to intense dirt. They also do not offer any form of protection to the surface.

What is Waterless Car Wash

The Waterless Car Wash has been designed to perform the same functionality as that of hose and bucket wash. Although they share the same features as that quick detailer, but they have strength in the cleaning aspect because they have been strengthened with cleaning agents like surfactants which can emulsify contaminants on the surface of the paint safely and effectively.

The Product that Make Waterless Car Spray to be an Effective Agent

Products that are used as waterless car Wash tasks, for example, eco touch, are effective when they are used on moderately soiled cars. For cars that have a lot of mud, and sand, or salt, it will require that there be a pre-rinse procedure before using the waterless car wash method.

With these features, it means that waterless car wash products are most effective for cars which are dirtier than quick detailers, and will not need waxing after that. There is a common feature that is seen between the two products that are the gloss enhancers so that the surface will appear as if it is liquid and shinier.

Optimum No Rinse (ONR)

The ONR is better when cleaning a dirty car more than a waterless car wash product can do. The bottom line in the use of ONR versus waterless products is how much water one would want. If one wants to use less water, then ONR would be preferred. ONR is preferred because of adaptability to any weather. It can be used in winter, summer, or direct heat places.

Foolproof Feature

If the liquid dries on the surface because of the heat, then you just spray pre-rinse product and it will reactivate so that one can wipe the residue. ONR can even be used as detail after the surface has dried or if there are smudges that have been missed. ONR is foolproof to use in any circumstance.

Best During the Winter Season

ONR is appropriate to be used when there is no intention to spray the surface with a hose, unlike the quick detailers. It is useful especially in winter weather when rinsing was getting the water in every crack in the vehicle because it would be hard to make the surface clean from these surfaces again.

When to Use Waterless Car Wash vs. Quick Detailers vs. ONR

There are instances where it would be preferable to use the three products. Quick detailers are useful when the vehicle does not need any form of washing. This is when the vehicle just needs to be added with more gloss and more liquid-look. It is appropriate to use in cases where the car has no salt or dirt. It is especially useful if the vehicle is in the showroom and one would want to make it have a shiny look.

Advantages of Using Quick Detailer

It is ideal to use the quick detailer when the car is to be shown to someone if it has not been driven for quite some time. It is cheaper when compared to other products. It also takes less time to dry when compared to ONR and waterless car wash.

Advantages of Waterless Spray

On the other hand, a waterless car wash is used when the car is dirtier or has a lot of salt. At this juncture, the quick detailer is not enough because it will not remove the dirt or any stubborn stain that is found on the surface of the car. It is a way that makes it easier to eliminate any kind of dirt from the paint surface.

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Advantages of ​Optimum No Rinse (ONR)

Compared to other detergents and water washing, ONR is the best one in terms of reducing labour. Minimal time is spent rinsing, washing, and drying.

ONR is a preferred economical detergent that has replaced many cleaning chemicals. By eliminating dirt from paint, ONR gives a shine to it, this protects and enhances your paint further.


Both the quick detailer and waterless car wash products offer good gloss enhancing features. The waterless car wash also offers UV protection.

Optimum No Rinse is ideal in situations when minimum contact is possible, especially in surfaces that are hard to handle. They will give a clean wash equal to the waterless car wash products and yet use minimum water. When the surface is delicate like in a motor circle, the use of ONR is ideal because there will be no need to rinse the surface.

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