Best Car Window Cleaners that Make Your Car Look Squeaky Clean!

Taking your car for a spin can be fun. However, if you end up hitting the bumper of someone else’s car, that’s not going to be a much of a good experience, isn't it? Wait till they call the police and sue you.

Your eyes are all fine, and yet you don't miss hitting your car with something. This is what happens when the window of your car looks smoky.

What? You tried cleaning your car window, and still, they have this smoky look? It's time to get yourself the best car window cleaner that makes your car look squeaky clean.

No, it won’t be hard for you as we’re here to help you out. We’ll make sure you can get your hands on the most effective car window cleaner.

Comparison Table for Best Car Window Cleaners in 2022


Item Weight

Our Rating


Aero Cosmetics/777GK

10.55 lbs



1.9 lbs


Adam’s Polishes/DS2-16

1.2 lbs


Aero Cosmetics/777G

3.63 kg


FW1/Action Pack

4 lbs



2.3 lbs


Armor All/18238

1.68 lbs


Chemical Guys/WAC-707RU

8.7 lbs


Dri Wash 'n Guard/1622

4.75 lbs


Purple Slice/(Not specific)

2.7 lbs


Advantages of Using Cleaner for Cars

Whether you drive a car, truck, or boat, the grime and dirt always settle upon the windshields, making your vision very annoying. Right there, a cleaner for car windows that makes the entry with its advantages.

Removal of Stains and Preserving the Aesthetics

A car glass cleaner helps to remove the toughest stain from the mirrors to provide a dazzling shine. Plus, the glasses of your car have to go through a wash every so often. As a result, you’ll see water spot etches into the paint, making the car look ugly. The car glass cleaner efficiently removes those spots to keep the car shiny.

Visibility in Rain

At the same time, the ones that come with water-repellant features help to bead the water on the windshield to make the automotive finish last longer. Therefore, you will get enhanced visibility during heavy rain.

Preventing Rust Accumulation

Moreover, using a glass cleaner at regular intervals helps to prevent the deposit of rusts on the mirrors, providing a clean glass to look through.

Preserving the Wiper’s Efficiency

If the pile of dirt, tough stains get settled on the windshields, then it's more likely that the wiper of the car won't be able to function properly. As a result, the wiper might malfunction, which could lead to an unfortunate mishap.

In a nutshell, any car owner should use it for better riding experience along with preserving the sparkling shine of the car for a long time.

10 Best Car Window Cleaner Review

After a lot of research with our team, we've come up with the top 10 window cleaners that are running superbly in the marketplace. So, read these reviews and choose your pick.

1. SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner - Overall Best in 2022

Stressful rinsing? Never again with the SprayWay glass cleaner. Thanks to the denatured alcohol (ethanol) the cleaner comes with, you won’t need to go through tireless rinsing.

The makers didn’t use any ammonia in this spray. So, you get to avoid any sort of pungent odor. As a result, this formula cleans the dirt with breeze, leaving no strong smell.

Furthermore, the spray dries up rapidly, leaving an odorless yet fresh and pleasant cleaned surface. Most of the glass cleaners in the marketplace only stroll the dirt particles on the surface.

However, this spray has got a clinging foam which disintegrates the dirt for intensive cleaning, rather than whizzing them over the glass surface. Therefore, you will get a clean and clear glass to see through.

Additionally, this foam strictly forecloses any unnecessary drifts and leaks of liquids, proving itself as a long-lasting glass cleaner, which will ultimately save your money.


  • Ammonia free spray to give an odorless, clean surface
  • Clinging foam to do heavy-duty washing of any glass
  • Denatured alcohol for comprehensive cleaning
  • A leak-proof operation for a long-lasting effect
  • Requires a small amount to clean


  • A bit expensive than other glass cleaners in the market


Always wondered about what's the best car window cleaner? Then the Meguiars is the answer for its amazing cleaning ability. With the super-strength, it eliminates all those filthy stuffs starting from dirt, grease, film in no time.

This spray expands itself on the surface rapidly, bringing you an excellent function of cleaning effortlessly. It also dries up quickly without leaving any odds and ends.

The Meguiars doesn’t take too much spray while cleaning. Just give a moderate amount of spray on the glass to get rid of the stains.

Then, rub the surface with a high-standard microfiber cloth or towel; don’t need to go hard while rubbing. A gentle movement with a fine cloth will bring in a flawless look of the glass.

Thanks to the fascinating anti-hazing formula, it cleans the haze to serve you a clear vision during every ride. So, stubborn stains on the windshield never again.

Furthermore, it will also work as a dust-repellent, preventing you from the annoyance of cleaning the sullies of the glass in a short period of time. Bonus; you can use this spray even to sweep up the tinted windows.


  • High strength functionality for easy cleaning
  • Anti-hazing formula to give a clear-cut view
  • Works as a dust repellent to keep the glasses clean
  • Streak-free spray to use on tinted windows


  • A bit tricky to use accurately at first

3. Invisible Glass 99031 Tool Combo Kit

There are always some hard-to-reach spots to clean on the windshield. The Invisible Glass 99031 comes to help you wipe out those areas.

It comes with a window wand that is 18-inch long and a microfiber cloth bonnet, which is washable and reusable for effortless cleaning.

Plus, for making it the best car windows cleaner, the head of the wand is made super flexible so that it can contour to glasses of any shape. Link the fiber cloth with the malleable head to wipe out those hard-to-reach spots and give the windows an amazing shine.

Well, no matter how much you rub your car windows with the paper towels, still they leave streaks and smears on the windshields. But as we stated above, the cloth is reusable and washable, then why fritter away money on other stuff?

Just detach the cloth and put it into the wash. It will come out as good as new to give a streak-free shining look on the window glasses. Besides, the cloth can be reversed to boost cleaning efficiency.

The manufacturers have attached a removable hook with the handle for convenient cleaning, whether indoor or outdoor. Attach the extended pole by removing the hook to clean the high surfaces anywhere.


  • An 18-inch handle to reach hard cleaning spots
  • Flexible contour heads to clean the curved glasses
  • Reusable and washable cloth to use for a long time
  • Reversible microfiber cloth to fortify cleaning power
  • Easy to remove hook for attaching extended pole


  • The microfiber cloth gets dirty somewhat quickly

4. Chemical Guys CLD20216 Glass Cleaner

Whether you want to clean windows, mirrors, or glasses, the glass cleaner from Chemical Guys does the cleanup quickly while providing seamless shining. They have inserted the formula in an amazingly designed bottle.

Plus, the formula has been made completely safe for use on both outdoor and household windows, since it has no ammonia. Therefore, you will be getting a sparkling streak-free shine without smelling any pungent smell.

Besides, the Chemical Guys Signature series has made their formula unique yet gentle to provide extra support for cleaning mobile screens, computer monitors, etc. As this glass cleaner comes with the ability of accelerated cleaning on any surface, your total cleansing time ultimately decreases.

Plus, the chemicals have been catalyzed in such a way that it strips the pile of dirt, debris, and numerous fingerprints like greased lightning. As a result, it leaves no tough stains to block your vision during the ride.

Along with all these conveniences, this spray also works as a dust-repellant to back you up with a shining window surface for a long time. In a nutshell, the Chemical Guys CLD20216 is one of the best cleaner that comes with multipurpose functionality.


  • Well-designed bottle for holding the cleaner
  • Multipurpose cleaner for outdoor and household cleaning
  • Free of ammonia to prevent the harsh smell
  • Powerful chemicals to remove tough stains
  • Dust and dirt repellant for a long-time clean surface


  • Costs more money in comparison to other cleaners

5. 3D Eraser Water Spot Remover

Apart from the annoying dust, dirt, grime, and grease, there is an extra frustrating contestant in making the glass surface streaky. And that is the water spot.

This spot normally settles down on the surface after getting evaporated by the heat, leaving the minerals of water to etch. The small yet awful spot are really hard to remove if they etch into the painting.

Thankfully, the cleaner steps in here to kick out the water spots with its super gel formula. This gel neither drips nor leaks rather stays on the exact troubling spot for cleansing properly. So, without wasting the gel, it saves your money along with giving a spot-free surface.

Plus, to save you from exhaustion that comes with rubbing, the cleaning has been made easier. It takes gentle rinsing after the application of gel by a sponge. After that, just dry the surface by any high-quality towel, restoring the stunning shiny surface.

In addition, this formula also works amazingly in removing etch spots from chrome, glass surface.

The water spot remover from 3D uses green and organic materials as much as possible in making the gel. As a result, it doesn’t harm the painting or the chrome coating of your vehicle while bringing back the original appearance.


  • Multipurpose cleaner helps to wash any surface
  • Consistent gel formula to clean targeted spots
  • Gel form allows easy cleaning
  • Saves time by dissolving quickly on the surface
  • Natural ingredients to protect the surface from any harm


  • Takes a bit time to remove the spots

6. Rain-X 5071268 Glass Cleaner

Killing two birds with one stone finely suits with the Glass Cleaner from Rain-X 5071268. It is made in such a strong and smooth way that you won’t need to polish your window repeatedly to get a glossy shine along with the supremacy to repel rainwater.

Just spray a little amount of the cleaner over the windows and wipe it up mildly. You will get a clean glass surface on which rainwater won’t be able to bead up—no more annoying spots to block your vision!

Furthermore, it comes with high-automotive strength to clean up the toughest stains on the glasses. As a result, it eliminates all the filths of glass and windows to give a streak-free dazzling shine.

The Rain-X is made up of a concentrated solution. This solution drills through the dirt particles, bug residue, and breaks them into the smallest pieces possible for no-left-over-craps on the exterior windows. This leads to an amazing shiny surface to view from end to end in every ride.

In fact, this solution strictly prevents the settlement of any kind of rubbish— from snow to sleet— gluing onto the windows. Therefore, say goodbye to the stress of extra rubbing and cleaning during freezing conditions.


  • 2-in-1 cleaner to give clean surface with water repellency
  • Easily gives a glossy finish without buffing
  • Super automotive strength to clean hard stains
  • An intense solution to remove all kinds of rubbish
  • Prevents the settlement of snow to give streak-free vision


  • Not ideal for cleaning tinted glass

7. Shine Society Glass and Window Cleaner

If you are thinking about the best window cleaner for the car, which provides a top-notch professional cleaning, then the window cleaner from Shine Society is going to end your quest.

The cleaner is made very efficient and easy to use for getting a flawless shine. It spreads and dries up within a few seconds. Plus, it comes with two high-quality microfiber cloth. So, just spray a moderate amount of cleaner on the surface and softly clean up with the fiber cloth in a circular motion.

Well, the window cleaner from Shine Society is made of pure natural ingredients to make it harmless to use in everyday life. Therefore, be at ease with the Shine Society window cleaner while cleaning inside the house around your child or pet.

Plus, the fascinating anti-streaking formula will leave you at awe. This cleaner, along with cleaning the streaks flawlessly, also prevent settling further streaks onto the surface.

Besides doing all these cleanings and shining, it has gone even one step further with the 99.9% germ-killing action. Ultimately, the Shine Society window cleaner disinfects the surface to provide you germ-free windows and mirrors.


  • Superb cleaning power to remove smudges
  • Quickly expands and dries up for effortless cleaning
  • Made of organic ingredients to make the cleaner harmless
  • Germ killing ability to give hygienic windows


  • Poor quality trigger to spray the cleaner

8. Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner

Had enough of the heaviest, dirtiest stains that don’t just get off easily? Then rest assured as this heavy-duty cleaner from Driven will come to your rescue.

It is designed in such a marvelous way that no matter how tough of a stain you have on your windows. This cleaner will squash away all the filths deep within.

The Driven Extreme-Duty window cleaner also works like magic to remove the water spots that etched into the painting, chrome, or glasses of the vehicle. So, no more annoying water build-up to ruin the beauty of your vehicle.

This cleaner has been raised to a superior standard since the makers have added a gel with its extreme cutting abrasive, making it the best window cleaner for your car.

You can use it on the most bizarre weathered surfaces of trucks, boats, and aircraft glass. Plus, it also works great on shower doors since it removes water build-ups. Also, it helps you remove greases that grow on top of the stoves.

So, the Driven Extreme-Duty is going to save you money from buying different cleaner, providing clean and shiny glass surface.

Actually, it stands out to be the champion of giving sparkling shine by safely removing paint overspray, mineral build-up, a film of brownish substance due to the deposit of rust, and many more. Just name it, it will sweep them away with a whizz.

Remarkably, it takes only a few drops on the filthy surface for cleansing. As a result, you are getting more by giving less, which is very efficient.


  • Heavy-duty cleaner to eliminate hard stains
  • Amazing in cleaning water build-ups
  • High-quality dripless gel formula to clean exact spots
  • Suitable on any weathered glasses and mirrors
  • Easy to clean with a little amount


  • Needs to be rubbed vigorously
  • Costs extra money than other cleaners

9. STONER 90166 Invisible Glass Cleaner Wipes

A very convenient yet useful way of cleaning the windshields, rear mirrors, headlights is with the 90166 Invisible Glass Wipes from STONER. This cleaner provides you the advantage of cleaning the mirrors anytime and anywhere.  Plus, these wipes are disposable.

The wipes do a spectacular task by removing grime and dirt from the car. Not only that but it also swiftly cleans stinky bird droppings, providing a fresh, clean surface.

Plus, the Stoner 90166 comes with zero ammonia for making it suitable to clean tinted and non-tinted windows. Being ammonia-free, it doesn’t leave any residue so that you get windows cleaned from both inside and outside.

To make the glass wipes odorless, no soap or aroma has been added. So, it will give the windows a splendid shine without disturbing your senses. In addition, the wipes are made durable to endure rigorous rubbing while cleaning hard stains.


  • Portable and disposable.
  • Amazing at cleaning the inside and outside of the car
  • Ammonia free cleaner to provide a streak-free shine
  • Durable enough to remove hard stains
  • Wipes are large in size to clean rear mirrors, headlights


  • The wipes are a bit dry

10. Safelite Glass Cleaner

Most of the time, you’ll see some dirt, grimes on the surface of the windows even after you’ve cleaned it. To give your vehicle a stunning shiny look with zero-debris, the window cleaner from Safelite comes with the A-OK clinging foam.

The properties of this foam are that it breaks the filths into the smallest possible pieces, even on a vertical surface. And it dries up within seconds. As a result, you will get the finest clean windows to view in a short time.

Additionally, the foam is made of drip and smudge-proof attributes to reduce unnecessary usage without rambling all over. Thus, it remains on the exact applied spot to give an excellent finish and dazzling surface.

Along with the dripless property, the window cleaner from Safelite is also streak-free. That means even after delivering a high-quality performance of removing hard stains, it doesn’t leave any disturbing streak to block your view through the window.

Built-up from the denatured alcohol, it takes the cleansing quality to a new level for dissolving dirt, greases, and grimes. Besides, no ammonia has been added to the solution to make it odorless. So, the total is sum is, you are about to get a sparkling shiny surface without smelling any pungent smell.

Bonus, the Safelite window cleaner, is manufactured in a fine professional grade for cleansing both indoor and outdoor filthy windows surface.


  • High-quality clinging foam to clean effectively
  • Easy to clean with the quick-drying up property
  • Dripless foam to make long-lasting effect
  • Can easily dissolve rubbish with the help of ethanol material
  • Zero ammonia to prevent bad smell after cleaning


  • Might leave a strong smell after cleansing

Key Features to Look Before Buying

Now that you have gone through the best car window cleaner reviews, you’ll have to know about the crucial features before making the final purchase. They are stated below.


An effective glass cleaner aims to give a streak and smudge-free surface. We know that most of the glass cleaner needs rigorous rubbing to give effective cleaning.

But often after the cleansing, you’ll see some annoying stains on the windows which leave you in frustration. So, you should go for the glass cleaner that efficiently cleans the glasses without leaving any debris.


Before choosing the glass cleaner, it is very important to figure out on which surface you want to apply the cleaner. For example, if you are thinking about exterior cleaning, then any of the cleaners that we have listed shall be suitable.

Whereas, if you’re cleaning the interior, which includes the plastic parts of your car, then the cleaner should be made of high-quality and harmless materials. Plus, if you want to clean the tinted windows of your car, it is important to go for materials that won't harm the windows.

Convenient Using

Cleaning is already a more or less stressful work to do. But if the glass cleaner becomes tricky to use, then it just adds insults to the injury

The cleaner should give you easy accessibility to the application. So, to have effortless cleaning experience, it is wise to choose the glass cleaner that goes easy for you.

Mainly, there are spray bottles along with aerosol cans; you’ll also find glass wipes. Well, experts mostly suggest using a spray bottle for easy-to-use cleaning experience.


It is very likely to have a little scent in every automotive. At the same time, that should not become the nagging obstacle for you to settle down in the car. Some manufacturers might use a small amount of fragrance to suppress the obnoxious smell of other materials in the chemical.

Unfortunately, all the glass cleaners come with a more or less scent in them. But still, you’ll find products that have the least amount of smell to tolerate.


First and foremost, the things to notice in a window glass cleaner are the materials that have been used during the manufacturing process. Most likely, you’ll find cleaners made of denatured alcohol with zero ammonia, and there are cleaners that are made of natural ingredients.

The denatured alcohol helps to dissolve the streak, dirt easily for effortless cleaning. Plus, it also dries up quickly to save your cleaning time without spreading any pungent smell, thanks to the ammonia-free solution. At the same time, the cleaner with natural ingredients falls behind due to its slow washing time.

Is It Storable in Your Trunk?

If you are a person who is always on the run, then you'll be less likely to have the time to clean your car at home all the time. In that case, you should go for the cleaner, which can be stored in the back of the seat or in the trunk.

Glass wipes rank top in this kind of scenarios, leaving behind the spray bottles and aerosol cans. Spray bottles are less convenient than aerosol cans.


Usually, a person with the desire of the best car window glass cleaner considers the design of a bottle as insignificant. Whereas, the design might play a crucial part during the washing process.

Because, if the bottle is poorly designed, then it’s going to take more time spraying on the accurate place with the desired amount. Plus, the design also has a great impact on the durability of the bottle. So, choosing a well and improved designed bottle is very essential to save your effort and money.


If you happen to own a car with tinted windows, you should look for zero ammonia in the glass cleaner. Otherwise, it might damage the tint, which will be a catastrophe for you as well as your car.

On the other hand, while alcohol helps to clean the dirt swiftly, it also impacts adversely on your senses. So, before buying a glass cleaner, it should be wise for you to check the label of the product.

Type of Car Window Cleaners

Like a lot of other things in the market, window cleaners come in a versatile amount of types. There are 3 types of car windows cleaners that exist in the marketplace. They are –

Spray Bottle- The most popular way to box up a glass cleaner is in a spray bottle. The spray bottles are mostly used due to the proximity of more finger contact with the trigger. 

Normally, you’ll find spray bottles ranging from 19 to 32-ounce, and they should be kept in the right-side-up position.

Aerosol Can- Another conventional way of keeping a glass cleaner is inside an aerosol can. The cleaner has to be compressed before confining in the cans. Since the aerosol cleaners foam up, they need to be shaken before letting out. The aerosol cans come with a replaceable cap, which can be beneficial in the long run.

It is ideal to keep them in a dry and cool place. Plus, they must not be positioned upside-down; otherwise, there lie the chances of explosion

Wipe Glass- Wipe glass is a completely different way of cleaning the windshield, mirror, and headlight of a car. If you think about cleaning the whole car with the wipe glass cleaner, then it might cost you extra.

They are for occasional use or in case of emergency. Plus, they come in resealable packs for convenient use with the advantage of storing them in the back of the seat or in a door pocket.

How to Use Glass Cleaner -  Using Tips

If you want to get the best out of something, you need to know the proper method of operating. With that thought, we have gathered the best tips for using glass cleaner so that you get your desired shine after each wash.

Get the Proper Cleaning Material

Don't just grab a towel or paper to clean window glasses. This is because their thin hair and fibers stay on the surface and create the maddening streaks.

To get the most streak-free shine on the window surface, you need to use the best fabric. So, buy a high-quality microfiber cloth that leaves no lint on the surface.

Clean in the Appropriate Order

When you start cleaning, go for the interior part. Firstly, clean the driver and the passenger seat side. Secondly, clean the visor mirror as well as the rearview mirror. Finally, clean up the outer part of the windshield. Remember to clean half of the windshield at once.

Maintain the Speed

You have to speed up the cleaning process as fast as possible. Otherwise, the streaks will start to settle down on the surface due to rapid evaporation.

Employ the Zigzag Pattern

Always try to follow the “S” or “Z” pattern while cleaning. Yeah, it might sound unconventional. But it works superbly. The benefit of cleaning the windows with the zigzag pattern is that it lets you wash through all the spots while bringing down the streaks.

Frequently Asked Questions Car Window Cleaner

Can I use a glass cleaner to clean the interior of my car?

Yes, you can use a glass cleaner for the interior of the car. But be cautious before using it. Spray the cleaner on a microfiber cloth and mildly apply it. It’s quite certain that the best glass cleaner will clean the dirt that settled on your console and dashboard.

Can I use a glass cleaner to clean the touchscreen?

Basically, it depends on the glass cleaner you will be using. Some glass cleaners are suitable to clean the touchscreen along with monitors, laptops, etc. But still, we do not suggest using glass cleaner since it is a liquid substance.

Should I wear gloves and glasses when using a glass cleaner?

Heavy-duty glass cleaners strongly remove the toughest stains due to its strong materials. As a result, they might do harm to your sensitive skin, and it can become worse if, by any chance, they get into the eyes. So, we suggest you wear gloves as well as glasses to protect yourself from unwished injury.

Does the glass cleaner damage the car paint?

Well, a heavy-duty glass cleaner possesses the chances of damaging the car paint since those finishes are soft. So, you should use a separate cleaner to clean the painting and chrome of the car.Enter your text here...

How often should the car windows be cleaned?

It marginally depends on your surrounding environment. However, the rule of thumb is you should clean the car windows whenever you go for washing the car. It assures your safety along with the shine.

Wrapping Up

Finished already? Since you’ve read all the reviews and the features you need to look for, we don’t think it will be tough for you to get your hands on the best window cleaner for your car. These products have made to the top on the pinnacle, so you don’t have to give them a second thought.

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