7 Benefits of Car Wax You Never Knew

All of us want our car to look premium and fancy. A great looking car can give a brief statement about your taste. And for this, we do a LOT of cleaning to our cars. Honestly, I have met people who give their car a quick wash after every time they have taken it out! However, such frequent washing is not needed if you wax your car properly. Waxing, apart from just giving a great shine, does a whole lot more things for your car. Here are the seven of those great features:


1) Creates a Protective layer on top of the paint

Although many of us might know about it, however, we don’t actually understand how important it is.

Most of the modern cars come with a clear coat on top of the paint, which provides a layer of protection to the paint. However, the clear coat is very much vulnerable to any scratch or chipping and it might fade away with long term use due to a mixture of reasons. That is why it is important to have a second layer of protection to the car surface.

This is actually where the car wax comes in. Car waxes creates a protective layer over the paint which along with the clear coat gives a double layer of protection to your car’s paint.

2) Makes the car very easy to be cleaned up

This is one of the most useful features of a Car Wax. Yet most people are unaware of this wonderful feature and have been missing on a lot.

As the wax creates a very fine and polished layer of protection over the paint of the car, it gets very tough for any dirt to get attached to the car surface.  As a result it gets very easy to remove any dirt while washing and very much less hard work is needed.

3) Makes the surface more water repelling

The Car Waxes come with another great feature and that is the hydrophobic nature they have. A car Wax with hydrophobic feature would repel the water and as a result the water would just flow away and fall off the car.

This is a very interesting feature as any dirt that has sat on top of the car surface would also flow away with the water. Moreover, no water mark would also form on the car surface. This is in turn helps the car dry away easily after being drenched.

4) Protection from Sun-damage

This is also a great feature that most of us are unaware of.  We definitely have seen that, many cars have some faded spots in the painting. The spots are caused by the car getting over exposed to the sun, which causes the harmful UV rays to damage the clear coat of the car’s surface.

By using Car Waxes we can easily prevent such happening. The protective layer formed over the surface of the car stops any harmful UV rays to reach the clear coat. Thus, the clear coat doesn’t get damaged and you car’s surface stays perfect.

5) Provides protection from scratch formation

The protective layer comes into play here as well. It’s true that we can’t prevent, in whichever we try, touching our car with anything sharp or wiping the car while there’s sand on the surface.  All of these can cause scratches to form.

However, with a layer of wax on your car the scratches are formed on the wax layer and not on the clear coat or on the paint. The scratched wax layer can easily be removed and applied again!

6) Less frequent Car washing

The car is needed to be washed very less often if it is waxed regularly. The wax forms a layer on the car surface which doesn’t let any dirt to sit on the car surface, also water spots are not formed and the car surface stays intact from damage. This altogether results the car to stay neat and clean for a longer time then if it’s not waxed.

As a result, we need to wash the car very less often. This, in turn, also keeps the maintenance cost for the car lower.

7) Increases the Re-sale value

The car’s resale value is also a big thing for many of us. A good looking car, will almost certainly re-sale for a higher price than a car not so healthy looking! Regularly waxing your car makes it look better for a longer time. It is protected from any damage and also the painting stays smooth and scratch-less.

Apart from all the other factors that affect the re-sale value, if you are thinking about the looks, then definitely you should wax the car regularly.

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