Best Car Seat Protector for Baby and Pet Lovers in 2022

For an average person, having a car is not only about having a mode of transportation, but also an expression of class and elegance. However, maintaining a car seat, which adds to the style of a car, is quite a tedious job. The seat is one of the most used parts of a car and frequency of use makes the seat scratched, discoloured and often times scratched or ripped at places, especially if you have a child or a pet on-board. Moreover, replacing a car seat remains pretty expensive.

The solution to this problem is, in fact, quite simple and inexpensive. Simple use of a car seat protector can minimise and often diminish any damage to your car seat and also provide superior safety and grip. It can also protect the seat from heavy loads, and provide safety to any child seats to be installed on top of the seats.

Comparison Table for Best Car Seat Protector in 2022


Item Weight

Our Rating


Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector

1.3 pounds


Munchkin Brica Elite Car Seat Protector

1 pounds


Lebogner Car Seat Protector

1.3 pounds


Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

(best for baby)

1 pounds


Summer ELITE DuoMat Car Seat Protector(Budget Frinedly)

0.16 ounces


Lyork Car Seat Protector

1.9 pounds


VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector(best for pet lovers)

4.15 pounds


Britax Vehicle Seat Protector

3.25 pounds


Zohzo Child & Infant Car Seat Protector

2.51 pounds


Ohuhu 4 Packs Baby Child Car Seat Protectors

3.99 pounds


How We Wrote This Review

This ranking was made after we tested and compared a huge number of car seat protectors of a selection of brands which specialize in different aspects of a good car seat protector. Products from both well and lesser known brands were being tested. The car seat protectors were intensely being checked and tested by our expert committee which consisted of experienced car-enthusiasts. All required steps were taken to have the public reviews included in our list.

While reviewing the products we took the matter of safety, reliability, durability and ergonomics into special consideration. A wide range of products were checked and then tested afterwards few times to make the results anomaly less. Furthermore the experts took all the measures to allocate more time in searching out the products which would perform great with kids and pets.  You can be very much sure about our results being unbiased and as the experiences of consumers were taken into consideration we believe our list is the most comprehensive and complete one out there.

1. Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector with Thickest Padding

After we checked thoroughly, ‘Car Seat Protector with Thickest Padding’ from Lusso Gear was found to be the seat Protector providing the most all-round service. It was found to be a very much durable seat cover made with abrasion-resisting materials. It doesn’t scratch the leather seats underneath and has a slip-less surface for comfortable seating.

Features and Benefits of Lusso Gear Car Seat Protector

  • Advanced design to resist slipping-off: The seat protector features very strong straps which go around the headrest and keep the seat cover in place.  Thus the protector doesn’t fall off or cause any unease.
  • Safe for kids or pets: The seat protector features anti-slip dots, which provides help to the cover to hold on to the seat. As a result any kid or pet seated on it doesn’t slide off with the cover, while on a ride.
  • Safe from any spillage: The seat protector is made with water-resistant materials. Thus anything that spills on it doesn’t stick onto the surface and can easily be wiped off.
  • Extra storage space:  The seat protector comes with three pockets made into the seat cover itself. You can easily put some extra essentials on the cover for easy access and use.
  • Thickest padding: The protector comes with really thick padding for maximum comfort and adds on to your seats own padding.


  • Made with PVC leather, which adds to the covers durability
  • Unisex design with different colour choices.
  • Safe to be used for kids and pets.
  • Extra storage comes as a bonus.
  • Advanced design lets the cover fit the seat easily


  • Might seem plain looking compared to some others.
  • Padding might get stiff with more use.

Verdict: The ‘Car Seat Protector with Thickest Padding’ is a great all-round product, putting emphasis on not only on a single aspect of being a good car seat cover but almost all. It is also very cheap to buy considering all the features that are provided.

2. Munchkin Brica Elite Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

This car seat protector is a specially designed seat protector, which is made by keeping the kids as priority. Apart from being a good general use car seat this car seat protector is made to house kids’ safety seats safely. Any types of kid or toddler car safety seats can be strapped on the seats using the ‘Muckin Brica Elite Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector as a platform.

Features and Benefits of Munchkin Brica Elite Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector

  • Superior Protection to the car seats: This car seat protector provides very effective protection to the leather or any material used on the car seat. No scratches or compression marks are left on the seat even after heavy use.
  • It comes with Dual-grip exteriorsThe car seat protector has higher friction on both the upper and lower surfaces as a result it holds to both the seat and object above. This ensures no movement thus, higher safety.
  • Easy to wipe it clean: Although the surface in the car seat protector has higher friction on both sides it uses advanced material which is easy to wipe clean off any spillage easily. The extra friction doesn’t cause dirt or liquid to stick.
  • Adjustable safety straps: The Muchkin Brica Car Seat Protector comes with adjustable straps. As a result the cover can be attached to any sized head-rests with good grip.


  • Kid safety seats could be attached easily.
  • The seat covers colour doesn’t diffuse to the car seat.
  • The back cover can work as kick-mat if safety seat is installed backwards.
  • Increased durability


  • Not the most comfortable to seat on, as its made especially to attach safety seats
  • Comparatively costly.

Verdict: The ‘Munchkin Brica Elite Seat Guardian Car Seat Protector’ is the best car seat cover out there if you are considering only the usage for a kid or toddler. It can also be used as a traditional cover however might not be as comfortable.

3. Lebogner Car Seat Protector

If you are looking for a car seat cover which will specially provide all around safety to your car seat, than Lebogner Car Seat protector is for you. Unlike many other car seat covers, which only protect the front of the car seat, this seat cover also protects the back! And also acts as a durable kick-mat with great frontal storage.

Features and Benefits of  Lebogner Car Seat Protector

  • Large Kick-mat for protection of the rear of the seat: The 19" wide x 27" long kick mat is quite a durable one. It is made with dual layers of extensively durable fabric which doesn’t tear or wear and keeps the seats clean from any footmarks.
  • Good traction to keep safety seats in place: The car comes with good vinyl corners which the company calls ‘Super Grip Vinyl Corners’. The vinyl corners provided good traction to any kid car seats attached.
  • Water resilient material: The seat cover is made with water resilient material which doesn’t soak up any liquid. As a result any liquid can easily be wiped away.
  • Large extra storage: The seat cover comes with quite a few organizer pockets. There are three pockets on the cover for the back side of the seat. Also two other pouches are available on the front part.
  • Very easy to put on the seats: With easy to put on straps the seat protector takes only about a minute to install. Both front and back covers have individual straps as well.


  • Made with high quality materials.
  • Very easy to wipe clean
  • Safe to use for attaching kid safety seats
  • Can easily be machine washed.


  • The material is slightly thinner than some other products.
  • The padding is not very much thick.

Verdict: The Lebogner car seat cover is very much recommended if you are looking for both a decent seat cover with car seat back cover. The product gives good protection as well and is easily cleanable.

4. Munchkin Auto Seat Protector (Best for Baby)

This seat cover from munchkin is again intended for safe carrying of child safety seats. This small looking car seat cover, despite of its size, is in fact a good choice for any parents This is another wanting a safe seat cover for their child’s safety seats.

Features and Benefits of Munchkin Auto Seat Protector

  • Skid-proof texture of the seat cover: The Munchkin Auto Seat Protector has a textured surface which holds the car safety seat, installed over it, quite firmly. The seat cover insures no rogue movements thus no slipping or sliding off.
  • Padded corners: The corners of this car seat cover are padded and quite thick which provides support for the passenger or safety seat. As the corners are shifted up due to the padding, it prevents any sliding off as well.
  • It covers the seat perfectly: The seat cover fits on the seat perfectly and hugs on to the surface. As a result the original shape of the seat underneath is maintained. The latch straps of the cover also go around the seat and fit quite nicely and the whole seat is covered including the front side of the base of the seat.
  • Colour doesn’t bleed: The seat has quite light and durable paint and no colour bleeds off to the seat below. Thus any leather or cloth seats are not discoloured.


  • Comes with small seat pockets at the bottom-front part
  • Easy to wipe off any spillage
  • Quite thick and offers superb protection
  • Easy to attach


  • Doesn’t cover the back rest thus no protection to the seat at that part.
  • The bottom of the cover is quite traction less
  • Thus the cover might move a bit if not strapped tight.

Verdict: The car seat is designed by keeping the protection of your seat and child in mind! Apart from the fact that it doesn’t provide protection to the back-rest the seat cover does fairly well in providing protection to the seats.

5. Summer ELITE DuoMat Car Seat Protector (Budget Friendly)

This product is mainly concentrated on protecting your seat from any wear and tear from installing a child safety seat. The product is good for general use also, as the padding is also quite thick it ensures extra comfort and protection. The protector also comes with durable material that is good to go for years.

Features and Benefits of Summer ELITE DuoMat Car Seat Protector

  • Traction providing material: The protector is made from anti-skid material which ensures no movement of any safety seat installed over it.
  • It holds the seat with good grip: The seat protector has gripping material beneath. This ensures the seat protector to be holding on to the upholstery tightly thus the protector doesn’t slip off.
  • Waterproof material: The seat protector is made from waterproof material which ensures no mud or liquid getting stuck to the fabric. And can easily be wiped off.
  • Flexible padding: Many car protectors out there have paddings that are brittle. However the padding used in Summer ELITE DuoMat Car Seat Protector has very flexible padding which doesn’t break or brittle easily.
  • Ergonomic installation: The back panel of the car can easily be adjusted to accommodate a variety of car safety seats. I t also comes with slots in the side that allows the kid safety seats to be anchored easily.


  • Mesh pockets for storing smaller stuffs.
  • Doesn’t leave any marks on the seat even after long uses.
  • Easy to wipe off any dust or spills.
  • Bendable back-rest.


  • No straps to hold it to the top, might fall
  • The back-panel doesn’t cover the full back-rest of an average sized car seat

Verdict: The Summer ELITE DuoMat Car Seat Protector is a decent Car seat protector and is very ergonomic in use. Although the back panel is slightly short however it is one of the best protectors while it comes to the ease of attaching a safety seat. Thus, it is overall a good seat protector.

6. Lyork Car Seat Protector

This seat protector from Lyork is quite a great seat protector which could be used for general use as well as using specially to protect your seats from child car seats. This car protector is found to be quite efficiently designed to fit a variety of car seats. It has a great universal and unisex design that hugs on to the seat perfectly.

Features and Benefits of Lyork Car Seat Protector

  • Durable and adjustable safety straps: The car protector comes with an adjustable strap to hold your seat protector at the top to the headrest. This makes it easy to be fitted to a large variety of head rest types.
  • Easily wipe-able: The car sea protector is quite easy to wipe away any spillage using any damp towel. It is water repelling and no liquid gets stuck to the surface.
  • Car seat protector has traction providing surface: The car seat protector is made from very thick padding, and also has a non-sliding texture to it. Thus it ensures extra safety and even in rough driving nothing over it slides off easily.
  • Highly durable: The car seat cover comes with PVC leather and 600d fabric which we have found to be as quite very much durable. This will let the seat protector endure quite a long time of rough use.


  • Comes with mesh pockets for carrying small items
  • Very easy to install.
  • Can easily be wiped clean as the seat protector is water resilient.
  • Adjustable safety straps allows the protector to be fitted tightly


  • Not recommended to be machine washed
  • No extra padding on corners to prevent slide

Verdict: This seat protector does the job quite good. Unless you are looking for a very large seat protector or a protector specifically designed for housing child safety seats than this car seat protector is good to go with.

7. VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector (Best for pet lovers)

The VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector is designed uniquely by keeping the pets’ safety and comfort in mind. Often, people are reluctant in not carrying their pets in the luxury seats of their car thinking about any damage they’ll be doing to the material of the seat. But this seat protector allows you to easily carry your pets while not worrying about any of your seat or pets’ comfort.

Features and Benefits of VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

  • Perfect for back seats: Instead of buying two or three single seat covers you can buy one of these full-seat protectors which can cover all three seats of your back seat. This ensures no gap between two seats.
  • Ease of movement for pets: As all the seats are un-interruptedly covered, you or your pets can easily move between the seats without having to worry about the gap which other single seat covers don’t cover.
  • Easy to install: Thinking about how big the seat protector is, one might think it would be really tough to install but not at all.  Just attach the two straps at two headrests, wrap around the elastic straps on the corners of the seats and you are pretty much okay to go.
  • Comfortable to seat on: The seat protector is quite comfortable to seat on as it is quite nicely padded/quilted. The seat also has a consistent thickness, quite comfortable for your pets.


  • Finest seat protector from pets
  • Comfortable for both human or pets
  • Large extent, covers the full back seat
  • Machine washable


  • Not suitable for placing some child safety seats
  • Less traction providing surface on  top

Verdict: If you are looking for a seat protector specifically for using it with your pets than this is the best seat protector you will get out there. It also is quite comfortable for general use. However, if you are looking for something trendy than probably it is not for you and also can’t be used on the front driver/passenger seat.

8. Britax Vehicle Seat Protector

Now if you are someone looking for something a bit simple and less significant, then this seat protector from BRITAX is perfect for you. If you intend to use a seat protector just when carrying something which might damage the seat and then remove it again, this seat protector will work great as well.

Features and Benefits of Britax Vehicle Seat Protector

  • Easiest to install: How much you ask? You won’t even need to strap the protector into the seat. Just place it, place a kid safety seat on top of it and you are okay to roll!
  • Specially engineered material: The material used in the making of the seat is specially engineered by BITRAX , that ensures the seat protector to stay in place without the use of any extra straps.
  • Full seat coverage: Unlike many other seat protectors, this seat protector does one thing best, it covers the full seat with its thick protection. This helps a lot as there are no scratches or marks on any part of the seat.
  • All around protection: The seat protector has slightly heightened edges. This ensures any dirt or spillage falling on the protector to not to fall or roll off and gets stuck. It is also very easy to wash, just spray with a hose or wipe clean.


  • Water proof material. Easy to clean off.
  • Very convenient to use
  • Seat has extended portion at front, acts as kick mat for any child.
  • Made with special rubber, very much durable


  • Doesn’t protect the back rest of your seat.
  • Has no additional storage
  • Not machine washable

Verdict: As said earlier, it is one of the simplest seat protectors and if you are looking particularly for that, than it is the best choice you can make. Place it, use it, and then remove it. However, if you are looking for something to protect the full seat, including the back rest, than probably it is not for you.

9. Zohzo Child & Infant Car Seat Protector

This seat protector from Zohzo is intended for child safety seat use mainly. However, in our tests and public reviews we have received a great load of appreciation for its all-around use and looks. It can be used to seat on comfortably unlike many others which focus mainly on protection thus provide rigid materials.

Features and Benefits of Zohzo Child & Infant Car Seat Protector

  • Slide proof back: The backside of the seat protector has a lot of friction to provide. It, as a result, doesn’t move much and provides safety for your kid or infant.
  • Organizer pockets: The seat protector also comes with an in-built organizer pocket which can be used for keeping small stuffs like toys or feeders.
  • Extended front: The extended front part protects the front side of the car seat from your little ones muddy shoes. Aside from acting as a kick-mat it also houses the organizer pockets.
  • Durability at its best: The seat protectors are particularly well known for their durability, the fabrics used are also very long lasting and the company ensures the stitches to last ages.
  • Comfortable to seat on: The seat protectors come with some great padding and is it really adds to the natural comfort of your seat. Also the back rest is covered with it, so, comfortable stretching back!


  • The seat protector is water resilient and is also stain proof to some extent
  • It performs good against heavy sunshine
  • Very easy to clean
  • Comes with two seat protectors in one pack.


  • The straps might need the headrests removed to be attached
  • The seat covers might give an odour at the first.

Verdict: This seat protector is quite an all-rounder and also performs quite well. The thick padding provides comfort and protection to the seat. It however might not cover few areas of your seat if the seat is a bit bigger. However, overall it is a decent seat protector.

10. Ohuhu 4 Packs Baby Child Car Seat Protectors

This is another of the few seat covers which come with a kick mat for the back side of the seat. This is particularly helpful for cars with smaller leg-space as the legs frequently touch the front seats. This makes the backside of the front-seat to wear and tear down sooner. Also the seat protector itself is a decent feature laden product.

Features and Benefits of Ohuhu 4 Packs Baby Child Car Seat Protectors

  • No slide ensured: The seat protector grips onto both the seat and any passenger or safety seats in it very tightly with its double-sided traction providing surface.
  • No wash needed: The seat protector is found to be very much easy to wipe clean with a wet towel.    Good protection: The seat protector provides great protection with the thick padding in it. It has good coverage of the seat also and attaching a child safety is not also a problem.
  • Great with heated seats: This seat also does quite well with any heated seats and transmits the heat nicely. No discolouration or diffusion of colour to the seat below takes place.
  • Loads of storage space: The seat protector has not only storages at the front lower section but also has mesh organizer and fabric pockets on the kick mat to be attached to the back of the seat.


  • Large storage
  • Comes with a kick mat for the back of a seat
  • Made with durable non-slip fabric
  • Comfortable to seat on, due to the padding


  • Doesn’t cover the full back rest
  • Straps from the back side kick mat might scratch the leather seat.

Verdict: The Ohuhu 4 Packs Baby Child Car Seat Protectors is a great seat protector for your day-to-day use. It does especially well as a seat protector to house a child safety seat in both front and backward setting.

Things to Consider Before Buying Car Seat Protector

There are a lot of things that are needed to be considered before buying a car seat protector. It is not only a question of comfort or style but also of safety. Thus, great care needs to be taken while choosing a car seat protector. Below are some of the most prominent aspects that should be considered:

Thickness of padding

The first thing to look for is the thickness of padding. As a thicker and better padding means the seat would be better protected.

Quality of fabric

The fabric in the seat protector has to withstand a lot of stress and movement. If it’s not of good quality the seat protector will not last long.

Coverage area

The higher the area of coverage the better it is for the seat.  Any water that spilled on the seat cover might just roll off the sides. But with greater coverage this could be prevented.

Texture of the surface of the seat protector

The higher the friction between the seat protector and the seat or passenger, the more safe it is. Higher friction means the seat protector would stay in place and won’t move or fall with strong jolts or brakes. This makes it safer to carry child safety seats.

Ease of cleaning

The protector would be getting dirty, especially if its carrying a child or pet. Thus it needs frequent cleaning. Ease in doing so comes in handy.

Final Verdict

We are confident that our list is the most comprehensive and complete list out there about Car Seat Protectors. You can trust the list and go on to buy your next Car Seat Protector using our recommendations. We have covered most of the aspects one should search for in a good seat protector and we have also specified the aspects as well. Thus, good luck on your next purchase and hope your car seat shines on forever!

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