7 Car Seat Safety Tips – Advice From the Expert

In this era of ‘Advanced transportations’ all of the new vehicles rolling out from the factories have some great safety features in them. However, if we look into the matter closely, we can see that the number of people dying from car accidents is not coming down yet!

Reports say that more than 40,000 died in the US only from car accidents in the year 2017! What’s more astonishing is that we all can prevent these happenings only by following some simple tips; thus ensuring a safe ride for us and our dear ones!

1. Let the little ones take the backseat

Always put your child on the backseat. On any probable collision the front side of the car is the part which gets the major impact. So, putting your children on the backseat would ensure some much needed protection. Moreover, in the cars with airbags, children seating on the front may get fatal injuries due to any probable airbag inflation. So, make them seat on the back.

2. Always use proper restraints and harness for the kids

After putting your child on the backseat always make it sure that you are using proper seatbelts (In case of child over 4 feet 9 inch) or child restraint system and harnessing (In the case of child below the age of 4 or 40 lbs). You might like knowing that one study found that the mandatory-seatbelt laws reduced traffic fatalities by 8% and serious traffic-related injuries by 9%, respectively!

3. Use rear facing booster seat for the toddlers

Always put your precious kiddos in rear facing seats until they are about 2 years of age. Why so? Because it is found that on any accident rear facing seats cause lesser spine, brain and leg injury than the forward facing ones. Also the rear facing seats are 5 times safer than the forward facing ones.

4. Use booster seats for the kids larger for the harnessing system

Every child below the weight of 80 lbs and 4 feet 9 inch height should use the booster seat. After your child gets larger for the cars in-built harnessing system (which is generally after they are of 40 lbs), it’s the time you move them to a booster seat. Booster seat allows your child to be positioned up for the better fitting of the cars seat belt.  

5. Buckle the belt snugly

Whether using a safety seat with harnessing system or a booster seat always make it sure that the belts and the harness are fitted snugly around the child. You may wonder about how you can make sure if it’s tight enough for your child?

To do so just check if the belt lets only one finger of yours between the chest of the child and itself. If you see if it’s possible to fit more fingers in, then you should definitely nestle the belt a bit more snugly!

6. Make sure the adults are strapped as well

To some people it may seem quite silly to be told to use seatbelts, but studies have shown that it’s safer when all of the passengers are using seatbelts rather than just only the kids.

Just think of a situation where you are properly strapped while your friend at the backseat is not. Now as your car collides with something can you just imagine how fast your friend would be flying towards you like a kamikaze? So, always make sure all of you are using seatbelts and none of you are injuring the other!

7. Replace your seat!!!

Have you ever been in an accident before or are you using that Cadillac of yours for some 20 years?! Then please do remember the fact that your seat might be getting damaged time by time or is already at stake.

And on any probable accident they won’t be protecting you or your children regardless of any booster or harness you use!!! So, do call a technician and make sure your seat is safe to use.

So these are the 7 tips for you to treasure and practice at all times. With some easy to take precautions you can prevent a lot of fatalities. So, do follow the tricks and drive safe!!!

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