Best Waterless Car Washes Reviews in 2022 for You

The use of waterless car washes has been increasing quite fast recently. Reasons such as: the lack of abundant water in many places, unbelievably short time required for waterless washing and its environmental friendliness, all contributed to the fame. However, it is essential for us to know about the ones which work great and ones do not.

Although some waterless cleaners do require about a small mug of water, but still remains virtually a waterless process. You will not need those hundreds of liters of clean water neither will you need any bucket full of soap-water. The waterless washes already have around 98% water in them, along with a special mixture of waxes, lubricating agents and soaps.

Moreover, there is no runoff water to deal with. The soap water from general washing generally goes to ground untreated and down along the storm drain. The contaminated water can then destroy plant life, kill fish and other wildlife too. Whereas the waterless washes involve no run-off water; thus they are environment friendly as well.

Now that you have known much about the waterless washes you might look out for the best ones. Our comprehensive review focuses on all aspects of the washes and provides you with the following list.

Comparison Table for Top 10 Waterless Car Washes in 2022


Item Weight

Our Rating


Aero Cosmetics/777GK

10.55 lbs



1.9 lbs


Adam’s Polishes/DS2-16

1.2 lbs


Aero Cosmetics/777G

3.63 kg


FW1/Action Pack

4 lbs



2.3 lbs


Armor All/18238

1.68 lbs


Chemical Guys/WAC-707RU

8.7 lbs


Dri Wash 'n Guard/1622

4.75 lbs


Purple Slice/(Not specific)

2.7 lbs


How We Wrote This Review

We compiled and tested a variety of the best performing waterless washes; the kind that assure you unfailingly satisfying shine and spot less look. We have collaborated with some of the real users on determining the ratings. Moreover, our review includes expert views where required.

As in our other reviews, we deliberately focused only on the top performing waterless wash and wax brands to ensure that only the best of the best would remain in our final list. After an exhaustive testing phase, we gathered diverse views on what a waterless carwash should do.

Enthusiastic user, professional car washers, previous users, and experienced reviewers made a fool-proof team for this review. Having experts and individuals with varying backgrounds in the team ensured that all aspects of a great waterless wash and wax were factored in when selecting the brands and models to include in this review.

Our thorough analysis helped us to rank the best waterless washes as follows:

1. Aero Cosmetics Waterless 144 oz Car Wash Wax Kit

This special carwash by the Aero Cosmetics gently cleans and protects your car while leaving a non-stick UV protective coating on the vehicle surface. You just will have to spray and then wipe it dry. The carwash is very convenient and can be used anywhere at any time, wherever you want. This can also be used as a wax as you dry your just washed vehicle. 144oz will easily wash up to 36 cars or wax as you dry 57 cars.

Features and Benefits of Aero Cosmetics Waterless 144 oz Car Wash

  • Can be trusted easily with its quality: Moreover this special product is of aircraft quality which can be used to wax not only your cars but also any boats, or commercial vehicles. It is also used by the Air Force One, the military, many airlines, corporate and private jet owners throughout the globe for over 30 years, thus can easily be trusted by anyone.
  • Eco-friendly formula which does not hurt the nature: On the other hand this is also a water based product free from any alcohol or ammonia. The plant based eco-friendly formula is biodegradable and is safe on all surfaces both inside and out. So there is no chance of it damaging the water-bodies if rain washes some of the product away through the drainage.
  • Human friendly, does not cause any irritation: This highly appreciated waterless carwash is also a human friendly product. Almost no skin or eye inflammation is caused by this product as is the case for some other automotive products. Its special formula ensures a safe carwashing experience for you.
  • Large kit, comes with many other side products:  The kit includes 1 full gallon of the carwash, 4 Microfiber towels, 1×16oz spray bottle(empty), a free product guide, ‘How to Use Guide’, and also a ‘What to Use Vehicle Guide’. This 144 ounce pack will wash up to 36 cars or wax as you dry 57 cars.


  • Cheap compared to the large size
  • Trusted world wide
  • Nature friendly
  • Can be used anywhere at anytime
  • Contains variety of accessories require


  • Large pack- might not be easy to carry
  • Extra polish is needed if the product is being used for the first time

Verdict: Although the product cleans the best if the surface of the car was pre washed with such products it still performs exceptionally well as a waterless wash. Moreover it has been used and tested for a long time thus can be trusted without hesitation.

2. Meguire’s G3626 Ultimate Waterless Wash and Wax

This product by Meguire’s is designed specifically for those living away from abundant water source. It provides a great protective layer of hydrophobic wax after is used on a vehicle and can be used anywhere at any time. Using the spray is also an easy task, one can simply apply onto the surface of the vehicle and rub away using a nit and clean microfiber towel.

Features and Benefits of Meguire’s G3626

  • It takes unbelievably less time for an all-over wash: In as little as 15 minutes, this new formula can change a dirty appearance into a stunning, clean and shiny look of car. And it does all of it without even a single drop of water. It can easily be used at anytime whenever you wish your car to look a bit better.
  • Convenient pack with a decent amount of the waterless carwash: One interesting fact about this product is that a single bottle of it can wash and also wax up to 5 cars. Unlike many other products the smaller package means it can easily be taken around with you anywhere as well.
  • It ensures a premium scratch free finishing: The spray's unique chemistry insures a scratch-free finish. The lubricants and cleaning agents in the product safely loosens and then gently removes the dirt. Afterwards if the surface is provided with some wiping from a dry and clean towel the surface will have a very stunning polish.
  • Unique multi-purpose usability: The spray is also safe to use on every wheel types, it can be used on rubber, vinyl and also on glass. It can also be used safely and effectively on all glossy paints. The after washed look also fits great on surfaces like like chrome polished metals and plastic trim.


  • Convenient to carry around in your car
  • Water spot-free formula coupled with high lubricity so protects the surface
  • Ideal for those having water restriction
  • Leaves a synthetic wax barrier that lasts for weeks
  • Can be used on most other glossy surfaces


  • Small pack, not suitable for longer use
  • Pack doesn’t include any microfiber towels
  • Quite costly compared to many others of  the similar quality

Verdict: This waterless wash from Meguiar is quite an affordable option with high specs. Although is not suitable for those targeting frequent washing, it is quite useful if you are willing to carry it around. The product has special chemistry involved thus performs well while it comes to the point of cleaning

3. Adam’s Detail Spray 16 oz

This detail spray has been the best selling product from the company for over 18 years. Adam’s polish promises that the spray is now reformulated for providing even better shine. It offers special Wax boosting technology for a better protecting effect and glossy shine for an extended period of time.

Features and Benefits of Adam’s Detail Spray 16 oz

  • Longer protection for your wax coating: The new Wax boosting technology by Adam’s polish promises a longer protection for your wax coating. Every time you rub down it helps to extend the longevity of your sealant or wax coating, as a result the polish lasts for a longer time and tests prove it to be about two months more!
  • Lesser wipes needed for better shine: The New Formula by the company is even easier to use, and requires less wiping. It also streaks less than before. Since the chemical it contains provides better lubricity any dirt or grim can easily be wiped away.
  • Promises for an enjoyable multi-purpose use: As was the case for the earlier versions, reformulated Adam's Detail Spray can also be used on glass, paint, wheels, chrome and trim. You just need to carefully clean and provide a spray then wipe using a clean microfiber towel. Adam's Detail Spray can also be used on a waxed car as a drying agent. The surprise factor is how quickly your car will dry and the just waxed shine will return almost instantly with no more effort.
  • The best smelling waterless carwash: The Company puts special emphasis on the smell of the product unlike many other washes. Many users claim it to have the best smell of any waterless carwash as well.


  • Can be used conveniently for its size
  • Can be used on many other glossy surfaces
  • Has the property of drying agent
  • Usable on the inside of the car also
  • Great smell


  • Does not remove water spots effectively
  • Needs to be used with other Adam’s products for the best result

Verdict: This decent product from Adam’s polishes is a very effective waterless carwash with some new innovations. It is specially recommended for those people who can’t stand the bad smell of some other waterless carwash or wax. It can interestingly be used both on interior and exterior of your car.

4. Aero Cosmetics Aircraft Quality Wash Wax

This is yet another fabulous product from Aero Cosmetics made with their revolutionary formula. Its capability as a waterless wash is proven time and again for the last 28 years; and now it is used more than ever before. This aircraft quality waterless wash meets Boeing Aircraft (D6-17487P, D6-7127M) & Airbus Industries (09-00-002) And Mcdonnell Douglass Cds Cleaning Specifications, which is quite rare for many other waterless carwash that you can afford.

Features and Benefits of Aero Cosmetics Aircraft Quality Wash Wax

  • It can be trusted both inside and outside: You might expect a waterless carwash to just clean your cars exterior. But no, this marvelous waterless carwash can be used both inside and outside. Thus, alongside having a clean outer look you can expect to have polished inside as well!
  • Neither is greasy nor is sticky: The special formula of this waterless car wash is specifically well known because of its non-greasy coating. There are many waterless carwashes which leaves a sticky texture to your car’s surface after being used. However the Aircraft quality waterless carwash leaves a very smooth and shiny coating.
  • No extra wax needed: This excellent waterless wash can also be used as a ‘Wax as you dry’ product. With every wipe that you make with a microfiber cloth containing this wash will make your car look even more attractive to look at.
  • Absolute Multi-purpose wash: The Aircraft Quality Wash Wax from Aero cosmetics is a great multi-purpose wash with commendable performance. Starting from the tiles of your home to the washing of those huge jumbo-jets it can cover it up all.


  • Leaves a non-sticky protective layer
  • Can be used on any polished surface
  • Acts as a good ‘Wax as you dry’ product
  • Works on both wet and dry surfaces
  • Alcohol and Ammonia free


  • Needs a separate polish for dull and oxidized surface before can be used effectively
  • Doesn’t come with a full kit

Verdict: There are hardly any doubts on our mind about this product’s effectiveness. It has long been a trusted product and our further testing proved it again to be a great waterless car wash that you can use without hesitation. Although it doesn’t come with a full kit as it does for many other products from the same company. However, a simple microfiber towel is actually all that you need.

5. FW1 Wash & Wax Waterless Polish with Carnauba 17.50oz

RGS LABS is well known for their innovative new products. Very recently their product, the FW1 Waterless Formulation, has attracted quite exciting attention from car owners especially because of its unique mixture of Carnauba wax and lubricants which work together to remove the dirt and grease away from paint, glass, plastic, and the rims on vehicles. This waterless car wash cleans and protects almost any shiny surface in seconds.

Features and Benefits of FW1 Wash & Wax

  • Not only cleans but also restores: FW1 Wash & Wax clears all oxidation and also brings back any faded paint. There are hundreds of washes which act as great cleansing products. However, only a very few of them actually concentrate on restoring what’s lost. Oftentimes an extra bit of shine can easily bring back the faded colors back to glory again.
  • Environment friendly: FW1 Wash & Wax is manufactured without any CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) or teflons, these are very harmful substances known to damage the environment. Moreover, the package on which the product comes, that is the steel can is also made with recycled steel! So, if you are a bit more conscious about the world around you, then FW1 Wash & Wax is probably the best carwash you can get.
  • Less amount, more cleaning: Each 17.50 oz. aerosol package of ‘FW1 Wash & Wax’ can wash and provide a protective layer to the average sized vehicle for about three times. This is because ‘FW1 Waterless Formula’ washes and "establishes" the quality performance wax properties on your car. Also as you provide the ‘FW1 Waterless Formulation’ time and again to get the perfect shine, the amount of washes per tin will increase up to three applications for large vehicles and six applications for smaller ones.


  • Suitable for all painted and shiny surfaces- Glass, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Gel-Coat Finishes, Mirrors and also the non-porous plastics
  • This model has about 40% more wash & wax formulation free per can
  • It is tested in Labs and proven in race car pits
  • This waterless formulation has a unique combination of Lubricants and Carnauba wax


  • Can’t be used on seats, dashboards, vinyl tops, convertible tops, molding or tires

Verdict: Although the specs talk in favor of the product we have found some little flaws. There were instances when it didn’t do so well removing the dirt. However, we do find it very much helpful if you are a person looking for a quick cleaning so that the car looks attractive!

6. OPT Optimum NR2010Q

This car wash product from Optimum Polymer Technologies Inc. is not exactly a waterless car wash in the appropriate sense as it does require about a bucket of water. You need to add about an ounce of the product to the water then soak a towel in the solution then use it to wipe off the dirt from the car. However it does not require any continuous water supply from the hose as it’s needed for conventional washes.

Features and Benefits of Optimum NR2010Q

  • Polymer to the rescue: This unique product consists of substantive polymers which gets joined to the paint and protects it from any scraping during the washing process. These special polymers work as great protective aspect which provides superior lubrication compared to the traditional ones. As a result it can easily give a shiny and smooth finish to your car surface.
  • Waterless’ from a different perspective:  The manufacturer claims that OPT optimum ‘No Rinse Wash & Shine’ is the most technologically progressed car wash system, which needs only a few litters of water to wash a car completely. ‘Optimum No Rinse & Shine’ needs no rinsing with water from a hose as there is no soap on the car surface to wash away.
  • Renewable use for the waste water: After being finished using the waste water in the bucket can be used to water the grasses on your lawn or can also be run-off into a sink, where it will surely be filtered clean. It contains no harmful ingredient for your lawns and won’t run-off to any drainage or pipeline.
  • Further benefits: Additional benefits of ‘No Rinse Wash & Shine’ includes it’s capability to carry on a faster wash faster, it also has the ability to wash anywhere at any time.  . If used after reading the guidelines properly you are bound to get a good shine.


  • Only a bucket of water needed.
  • Provides lucrative finishing to the car.
  • Used worldwide so can be used with trust.


  • Doesn’t wax your car
  • Can’t be used in the interiors

Verdict: This unique car wash is actually better than many other fully waterless washes. Although it needs some water but is very less than what you need in a conventional car wash. We would suggest this car wash specifically if you have some sort of water restriction but need some thorough cleaning. Then you can easily use a separate wax to provide a protective layer.

7. Armor All Ultra Shine Spray Wash Aerosol

Armor All Ultra Shine Spray Wash Aerosol is yet another great product from Armor All that provides a great shine and a long-lasting protective coat. It doesn't require even a single bucket of water let alone the need for any hose.

Furthermore, the waterless car wash has no need for any drying after its provided. It also has a superb reputation for its ability to clean almost all smooth surfaces including the interior and exterior of a car, rims and mirrors, windows and tiles.

Features and Benefits of Armor All Ultra Shine Spray

  • Unique for the shine it provides: This product promises to provide the company’s trademark Armor All® shine. Its unique formula lifts up all dirt and the wax layer goes below as a result while you are wiping no scratches or swirls are caused
  • It reveals your paint’s deep, radiant color: As told earlier, the unique formula of this car wash helps remove all the dirt, at the same time providing a protective wax layer. This causes the natural color of the car to get expressed easily.
  • Helps create water beading on your paint: Beading of water on car surface is indeed a great thing. Aside from looking super soothing it also helps you keep your vehicle streak-free and clean in a very easy manner. Beading is actually created by special polymers which cause a very high surface tension. That is the water drips off the paint easily and as a result very few streaking and tide marks are caused. And this carwash is a great catalyst for causing such beading.


  • Fast no hose or bucket cleaning
  • This product effectively cleans and details all exterior automotive surfaces
  • No rinsing, no drying
  • Great for cleaning your whole car or touch-ups


  • No kit is involved with the pack
  • Needs to be used under the shades for the best results

Verdict: There is nothing extra to be told about this car wash and performs just like any other top ranked waterless car wash. Although has no UV protection which may cause very slight concerns, this car wash performs rather well

8. Chemical Guys WAC-707RU EcoSmart-RU

Chemical Guys have maintained a standard in manufacturing good waterless car wash for a long time. Their products like Chemical Guys WAC-707RU EcoSmart-RU are quite known as a reliable waterless carwash. It is effective on any vehicle surface and is very much well known for its cleaning capability without any water. This is perfect for cleaning other shiny surfaces as well, for instance: paint surface, steel, rims etc.

Features and Benefits of WAC-707RU EcoSmart-RU

  • Unique scratch and swirl free wash: The product has in it ‘micro-refined clay’ which can cut through very stubborn dirt and grease. It uses all natural detailing clay to break down heavy dirt, mud, and contamination very easily thus provides a smooth and a scratch less car wash. Newly synthesized lubricating agent again also reduces friction to minimize paint scratch when rubbed while the product is used.
  • Extra Carnauba for extra shine: It contains the all natural carnauba wax which shines and protects the vehicle in an effectual manner. One can easily clean any type of vehicle, including multiple types of boats, within few minutes; and also with a great protective coating left on the surface it is used. Apart from being a superb all weather car wash, which can be used both inside and outside the garage, due to its UV protection capabilities it can also even be used under direct sunlight!
  • Ultimate multi-purpose waterless wash: As told earlier this car wash is also a very magnificent multi-purpose product. It can be used on wheel rims as well as on other shiny surfaces. Its unique feature also includes that apart from being capable of washing and waxing it can also act as a very good protectant of your natural car color.


  • Gives a scratch free vehicle.
  • Can be used on cars of all colors.
  • Famously known as a complete auto-detailing system.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors


  • Sometimes it may leave streaks on your car surface and might force you to switch to other car wash

Verdict: This product from Chemical Guys is an effective waterless car wash which comes after some tremendous innovations being put on its formula. It is specially recommended due to the fact that it contains almost one –third higher amount of carnauba wax than its earlier versions. As a result it provides quite an effective and smooth car wash experience.

9. Guard 64oz Dri Wash 'n ULTRA-ION

Dri Wash in Guard ULTRA-ION is considered to be one of the very first car wash of its kind. Considered to have the best shine, this product can easily be used anywhere you want at anytime and will never dissatisfy you with its performance.This one is specially formulated for later finishes and comes after immense research goes into its production.

Features and Benefits of  Guard 64oz Dri Wash

  • Superior UV protection: This waterless car wash is known mainly because of the UV protective layer that it provides after is used on a car surface. This UV protective layer helps protect your car’s look in extreme weather conditions.
  • The best shine?’: The car wash is specifically considered to produce the brightest shine compared to almost all other waterless car washes. Also, it can confidently be used on glasses and mirrors. The formula of the car wash is also designed by keeping all surface and car types in head
  • For a dynamic lookThe innovative Ionic Technology included in this car wash not only removes any dirt but also cleans away feather scratches available. It dissolves bird droppings, tar and organic dirt to provide a dynamic appearance to your car. It is quite a unique feature for any waterless car wash product.
  • Human friendly formula: The most notable feature in this car wash is its human friendly formula. It’s splendid liquid having o smell and also does not irritate the eyes or nose. You can use it without even having any worries about your personal disturbances.


  • Creates UV protective coating
  • Scratch free car wash
  • Extracts additional dirt effectively with a single wipe
  • Doesn’t cause irritation


  • The pump bottle has to be bought separately
  • It is one of the most expensive car wash

Verdict: Although is considered to be one of the most expensive car washes it actually pays off when you first get to see the shine that it provides. Its UV protective layer means that it can be used in many extreme weather conditions as well.

10. Purple Slice 32 oz. Clean, Wax & Polish

Purple Slice Clean wax and polish provides a marvelous polish on one simple wipe! You just need to spray and wipe. Purple Slice is a revolutionary liquid with an all-around use on vehicles, office and home. It gives a brilliant streak free shine instantly while cleaning hard to wash things like bugs, dirt, and grime. It also works on paint, chrome, plastic, glass, motorcycle windshields, helmets, stainless steels, granite counter tops, phones, tablets, glasses, sunglasses, and finished wood etc.

Features and Benefits of  Purple Slice 32 oz. Clean, Wax & Polish

  • Best for instant shineThis product from the house of Purple Slice Inc. is specially known for the instant shine it provides. It starts working fast and provides you with your desired shine almost instantly after you have used it. The unique formula is designed by keeping the aspect of time in head.
  • Heat Resistant Coat: This product provides a very much glossy look on the car along with a protective coat on the surface it is used. The UV and heat resistant coat allows the car to be taken out more often with very little damage done.
  • Human and Nature Friendly: Purple Slice promises their product to be totally non-toxic and says that it is a 90.5% organic product. Moreover they also mention that this product is packed in a container which is made from bio-degradable plastic.


  • Provides the fastest wash possible by any waterless car wash
  • Leaves an UV and heat resistant protective layer
  • Can be used on a wide range of surfaces.


  • No kit is provided with the pack

Verdict: It is a indeed a great waterless wash if you are looking for a car wash on the go. It provides a very much satisfactory shine with a good protective layer as well. Thus is recommended for those who are looking for a quick car wash.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Waterless Car Wash

There are many aspects that you need to look out for before you buy a waterless car wash. First of all, obviously you need to know as to what extent the product is waterless. Like, there are many products which do need a little bit of water for a perfect wash.

After this, what you need to consider is the formula. Many waterless car washes also do the work of a wax. So you definitely need to consider such formulas which do so. Then the next aspect to look out for is the protective layer the car wash provides. Some do provide a very much protective coat that lasts longer and sustains the shine underneath.

Also a certain number of car washes also have UV and heat resistant properties so that you can wash your car anywhere you want and take it out more often.

The next thing to look out for is the brand. It’s not about the name actually but is about the experience of that company.The older the brand the more innovation it did and the more trust it developed over the years. Thus the name of the brand plays a role as well.

And finally the last but not the least important aspect to look out for is the price of the product. Many of the products might cost you a bit more however will provide quite the similar result. Thus price is also to be looked out for.

Final Verdict

The list we provided contains the products with almost all the aspects that you may look out for in a waterless car wash. The product quality of these products that we searched out after days of research is very much satisfactory from our perspective. And you can obviously trust this list since we had some of the best reviewers and users involved. You can easily use them to solve the issue of washing your car during any water shortage and get proper shine with great protection. So, good luck with your car washing experience using these products. Hope that no water shortage can come into your way of getting a nice looking car!

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