Let’s Get To Know How To Keep Your Car Windows Sparkling

It is very important for driver of a car to keep car windows clean as they help the driver to have a clear vision of outside and drive well. If your car window is smeared, it also gives an unpleasant impression of your personality. So, it is very important to keep car windows spotless.

If you drive on regular basis, obviously your car windows are jammed with dirt and it is better to clean them on regular basis to keep them functional for extended period of time.

Here are few steps that will help you to clean car windows in a perfect way.

Park your car in the shade:

Cars can consume too much heat when they are parked under sun, so do not park your car in the sun when you plan on cleaning car windows. Park it under a shady area or tree. If weather is too hot, it can evaporate the water or cleaner too quickly that you are going to apply on windows.

Collect your windows cleaning supplies:

Arrange all the necessary supplies before cleaning your car windows. Ammonia based cleaning agents can damage the tinting and rubber seals of the car.

So visit your nearby hardware store to purchase glass cleaner that is specifically formulated for automobile cleaning purpose.

If you want to purchase the concentrated formula, you should mix it with distilled water for quick results. You require few other things which are as follow:

  • Automotive glass cleanser
  • Bucket
  • Distilled Water
  • Wiper
  • Sponge
  • Cloth( specially cotton one)
  • Wiper

How to Clean Your Car Windows:

1. Wash the front and back windows:

Start with front and back windows of your car. Mix your cleaning agents in right amounts and spray an appropriate amount of cleaner on the car windows. You can use a sponge to rub the windows or a light cotton cloth to dab the windscreen and rear windows.

Apply sponge in different directions to clean the missed dirty spots. For example, you can move up or down to clean the exterior of the car and move left to right for the interior.

2. Focus on dogged bug splatter on your car windows:

When your cleaning agents and others tools are not strong enough to remove the bug splatter, you should opt for other solutions.

In market, different type of products are available that are specially formulated to remove hard bug stains. But keep one thing in mind; always use a cotton cloth to get rid of these spots so that windows are not scratched with harsh cloth rubbing.

3. Roll down the side windows of your car:

Usually, people ignore the very top area of the car during car cleaning, where the windows glide into place inside a rubber cap.

To remove hideous lines, roll down the car window a little bit and use cloth with cleaner to clean the upper part of glass window.

4. Clean the side windows from top to bottom:

There is a particular method to clean the side windows. Always use sponge in up and down motion to clean the external windows and side to side for internal windows. This technique is really helpful to spot the missed areas.

Whenever you clean the side mirrors, the best option is to spray the cleaner and then wipe it with neat cloth. If you clean the car windows from top to down, it prevents drips from ruining your cleaned windows.

5. Keep your wiper blades dirt free:

Do not ignore to clean wiper blades of your car as they are very important to keep wind screen crystal clear. If they are dirty, they can streak the wind screen.

Apply a little amount of cleaner on the wipers and lightly rub them to remove dirt. If wiper blades are neat, they won't scratch the screen and keep the windshield clear for driver.


The best way to keep your car windows spotless is regular care and maintenance. Wash your car on daily basis and use good quality wax to give a perfect finish to it. If you are doubtful about any cleaning product, do not apply it.

Always read instructions carefully given on the product before use and apply them in right amounts to get maximum results. Park your car in proper parking areas and never leave your car unattended in rushy area so that smudging marks on windows can be avoided.

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